Teaching Aptitude

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  • Published: October 12, 2010
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Teaching is a complex process which brings socially desirable behavioural change in a person. Teaching is a part of teaching-learning process. It is required to bring certain changes in a person according to the need of his society and environment in which he is living.

'Teaching is not an act as it is dynamic in nature so it is termed as process. It is also not a fundamental concept as it is greatly influenced by social and human factors. Teaching is both art and science. It is an activity involving teacher and student with a view to the development of student.

The main aim of teaching is to bring about socially desirable behavioural changes in the students and can be achieved only if teaching is effective and based on certain values or principles.

Teaching is one of the main parts of the teaching-learning system. So effective teaching is mostly depending on the teacher. It is a common fact that a good teacher is born and not made.

Training and research can make a good teacher better and a better teacher best. Teacher should follow various methods of teaching devised from time to time. A teacher encourages the practice of thinking among students. Teacher should give to the students the freedom and opportunity to express their ideas. .

Teaching is required to give education to the students. Education may be defined as the process of drawing out least in an individual. We can define education as "the aggregate of all processes by means of which a person develops attributes, attitudes and other forms of behaviour of positive value in the society in 'which he lives".

We can also define it as "the 'social process by which people are subjecte to the influence of a selected and controlled environment, so that they may attain social competence and optimum individual development" .

The complete process of education must contain four common factors (i) Educator(teacher)
(ii) Educand (Student)
(iii) the subject...
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