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Teaching and Learning with Staff Development

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Teaching and Learning with Staff Development

  • June 2008
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I.Past and Present Traits of Staff Development with Teaching and Learning

II.Plans to Improve Teaching and Learning in MMSD School District

III.Action Research as a Solution

IV.Plans to Improve Teaching and Learning in VSU School District

V.Constructivist Theory as a Solution

VI.Impact on the Teachers

Past and Present Traits of Teaching and Learning
With Staff Development

1.In the past a staff development event- a workshop, for example–was the final step on a long chain of events.

2.Teachers enter a workshop in which they often were relatively passive recipients of the researchers’ knowledge and trainers’ expertise.

3.Recently teachers have become engaged in the ongoing process of teaching and learning.

4.Teachers are engaging in philosophies in which they identify teaching and learning issues of importance.

5.Teachers are working with colleagues or as a part of teaching teams.
Action Research as a Solution

1.The adoption of a district strategic plan in the Madison school district ensures a continuous quality of improvement in their schools. The action research pilot project (began in the mid-1980s) has become one of the most effective staff development plans for helping teachers reflect on strategies being implemented.

2.For the first time there was a source of funding and an organizational connection to action research that was critical to getting the project started.

3.Action Research has become part of the culture of the school system and the process itself continues to evolve.

4.Teachers learn various research methods and data collection techniques.
Impact of Action Research

1.The Madison school district received a grant to examine the impact of action research on the teachers’ thinking, practice, and student learning.

2.Teachers saw the various ways action research could be used, and they took it in many more directions than anticipated.


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