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Introduction to Teaching

Bachelor of Education – Primary

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Stacey Dewey (Hill)
Assessment: Assignment 1 Part A
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Building Positive Teacher-Student Relationships is an Important Component to being an Effective Teacher

If you think back to your schooling there will always be that one teacher who stood out, for good or bad reasons. This is largely due to whether or not that teacher built a secure relationship with you. Students who have a good relationship with their teachers are less likely to be bullied or engage in anti-social behaviour, as they in turn have better connections with their peers. An effective teacher is one who continually builds positive connections with their students, as this not only aids in students social and emotional wellbeing, but also their overall academic achievement. Building positive relationships with students is an integral part to managing the classroom and meeting the needs of students and it is an essential part to being an effective teacher.

Teachers, who actively build strong connections with their students, are modelling how to develop positive peer relationships and creating overall peer acceptance in the classroom (Whitton, Barker, Nosworthy, Sinclair, Nanlohy, 2004). Research, such as that done by Ostrosky and Jung (2006), shows that teachers, especially in younger years, play an important role in how well students are able to interact with their peers. Mutual respect and social interaction are learned behaviours and can be encouraged and demonstrated...
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