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It is impossible to teach someone, that does not want to learn. Many kids fail school for not wanting to learn, even if they have a great education. They do not appreciate the great education they have. This kids don't have a motivation and they reject all the information that is given to them. Well, my cousin is one of this kids and some years ago my aunt asked me to help him. I tried everything to help him many times, but nothing worked. Until one day I found the way he accepted the information, I was giving him.

At first my cousin always rejected the information I was trying to teach him. I went two times each week for three months to try to teach him, but nothing worked. I tried to motivate him, telling him how important it was for his future. Also my cousin was just a kid, so if he continued like that, when he goes to high school he is gonna fail, because it is much more harder than elementary school. I tried using fun ways of studying and using note cards to write the information. I tried many things, but nothing worked until one day.

Finally I understood how to put the information in his brain, by listening to music. One day I saw him how he could memorize any song, so I created a song for his science theme and made him listen to it. The day after I went to his house to see how he was doing. For my surprise he had learned all the song and the day after when he came to the house he had a 100 percent in his science test. So every time he had a theme he did not understood, he created a song for himself. For the rest of the year he did well with the songs and now he doesn't even needs my help.

This helps us understand that everyone is intelligent in a way. Maybe most of the people understand the theme by the conventional way of studying, reading many times or memorizing, but the others like my cousin need help to discover they way of studying like songs and doing PowerPoints.
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