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What would you do if…..
I know teaching will have its hard times. I also know that that some students can be extremely rude and disrespectful. If the students knocked down my lesson plan I would let them know the hard work I put into it. I know this wouldn’t make them change how they felt about the lesson plan but I would also ask them if they had any brilliant plans, and how could they make this interesting. I would then make sure I give extra homework that night for being disrespectful; hopefully this will teach them. If I had a team teacher I would gladly accept her opinions and incorporate them into the meeting. If she wanted to be there I would allow her to. It’s always nice to have two opinions at a meeting. I would however ask to have a meeting with her prior to the conferences and discuss each student and see what it is she has to say. I would politely ask her to maybe not be so negative and if she does not respect my wishes I will have to really reconsider her being at the next meeting. After all, this is MY class room not hers. I know there will always be a smart alleck kid in class. How I deal with it will be challenging. The first time will be a warning, asking him to please be respectful. If that does not work I will take them out of class and have a one on one with them. If they continue their behavior I will be sure to send them to the office and also make a phone call to the parents’ home and possibly for a conference. The parents will have to be informed of this ongoing behavior. I would hope that after all of this the student shapes up. Well, since I have already been warned of budget cuts and class room spending in the schools I know that I will be let down sometimes. I know not everything I need will be given to me. I have thought of this many times and I know I will be spending a lot of my own money. I have no problem with spending some of my own money as long as it is helping the children. Another thing I would do is send a letter home...
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