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EDE105 – Week 3
Describe how providing obstacle courses can enhance children's physical abilities. When teachers provide obstacle courses for young children, teachers are offering opportunities in practicing skills that will enhance physical abilities. Obstacle courses can improve young children’s climbing ability, coordination and balance skills (Kids at Play, 2011). Obstacle courses also improve fitness, endurance, fundamental skills and the opportunity to gain self regulation skills. Explain the concept of a circuit.

The idea of a circuit is to provide opportunities for children to practice and “further discover their movement potential” (Krampp. 1993, p.15). According to the author (Krampp, 1993), circuit training is used for gaining strength, flexibility and endurance amongst children whilst practicing their locomotor, nonlocomotor and manipulative skills A circuit is a set of activities designed for children to practice fundamental skills. All children enjoy participating in circuits as they are fun, fast and provide a variety of activities to increase many skills. Why is it important to offer developmentally appropriate games to young children? According to (Pica, R. 2009), It is important to offer developmentally appropriate games to young children to increase self-confidence, teach problem solving, cooperation and trust as well as improving their motor skills. No child likes to be the odd one out or be labeled the looser, therefore providing developmentally appropriate games will eliminate these feelings and provide opportunities for all students to fairly participate. NAEYC suggests that “play allow children to stretch their boundaries to the fullest in their imagination, language, interaction and self regulation skills” as cited in Pica, (2009. p.66). Reference

Kids at Play. (2011). Active Play Games and Activities. Retrieved From: http://www.health.act.gov.au/c/health?a=sp&pid=1269235996 Krampe. H. (1993). Circuit Training For Young...
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