Teachers Should Make the Choices

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In some countries, school subjects and lesson contents are decided by the government. Some people think that teachers should make the choices. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, in some countries, the government decide the content of some subjects and lessons. Whether teachers should participate in deciding the contents or not, which has given rise to a public concern. In this essay, I will compare and contrast the two typically opinions regard this issue.

Convincing arguments can be made that teachers are the persons who staying with students and know what they need, so they should participate in deciding and editing the contents of subjects and lessons. Teachers know what students’ needs, and their participant effectively make up the contents touch out of the reality. For example, some students in grade one has no ability to distinguish between right and left because of the physical restriction. So teachers’ participant can avoid the phenomenon. Moreover, teachers combine their teaching experience and understanding of students can decide no just theoretic knowledge but better practical knowledge contents for students.

Every coin has two sides. Some people hold the idea that school subject and lesson contents should be decided by the government. They think that the government has the obligation to decide what types of educational contents should be taught to students. And they know schooling theory and has the educational target for students. But sometimes the target is too high for children, which may make some students can not keep pace of studying.

In conclusion, I hold the opinion that the government and teachers are not mutually exclusive, so they should be cooperation for deciding the subjects and lessons’ content.
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