Teachers Day

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Established 1965


Celebrating the Teacher
Dr (Mrs) Vishiesh Verma he world celebrates Teacher's Day on October 15, but in India this important day is celebrated on September 5th. The day is sacrosanct as it was incepted to synchronise with the birthday of Dr Radhakrishnan- once our foremost teacher elevated to be the Philosopher President of India. Since 1962, the fifth of September every year is observed as Teachers' day with a view to cast fresh focus on the twin objective of making the society recognise the vital role of the teacher in building the budding generation into fine specimen of humanity and in awakening the teachers' sense of accountability and dedication in their sacred profession. About education, Dr Radhakrishnan said "Education is the real glow and beauty of a person. It is the greatest hidden account fulfilling the needs of body, mind and spirit, and also gives name and fame." Further Dr Radhakrishnan added "Help the students to think rightly, make them to feel nobly, encourage them to possess the spirit of compassion, Universal love and brotherhood so that they can live together in a global village". Acquiring and imparting knowledge are like the two eyes of a teacher: said Dr Radhakrishnan. His heart should be a lamp of knowledge burning bright all the times. His conduct should be simple with noble ambitions. His river of wisdom should flow like pure rain water. He should work hard, be broadminded and innovative. A teacher casts a most powerful influence on the lives of students more than parents. The students see the teacher not only as vehicle for transfer of knowledge but also as role model. Their performance in the classrooms, laboratories, and their behaviour everywhere in the educational institutions influences the students. A teacher teaches humbleness by being humane, truthfulness by being truthful and punctuality by being punctual etc. Alexander of...
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