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Teachers Competence

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Significance of the Study
The findings from this research will enable administrators, policy makers, and teachers understand thoroughly the relevance of teacher competence to indicate plans and programs for teacher competency development.

The findings of the significant relationship between teachers’ competence and students’ academic achievement will be useful for educational administrators and policy makers in planning and organizing for success. The findings will also help in facilitating teachers and students to promote teacher competence, student learning, and achievement. This will allow for the maintenance of and possible increase in the level of teacher competence and student learning and achievement.

The outcome of the study may help the future researchers in creating more comprehensive study of the same topic. Studies related to this topic may contribute something to the curriculum development specialists and national policy-makers who design teacher-training policy for secondary schools especially to those under the Special Science Curriculum.

Scope and Limitation
The study will be conducted to the students under Special Science Curriculum of Bucal National High School, School Year 2012-2013. There are a total of 290 students under Special Science Curriculum. Specifically, 80 Grade 7 students, 40 students incoming from the star section and 40 from the second section. 75 sophomores compose of 39 students from the star section and 36 from the second section. 69 juniors compose of 37 students from the higher section and 32 from the second section. 66 senior students compose of 34 students from the higher section and 32 from the second section. With 5% margin of error, the total number of our respondents is 170. Specifically, 48 Grade 7 respondents, 24 respondents incoming from both sections. 42 sophomore respondents compose of 22 respondents from the star section and 20 from the second section. 41 junior respondents compose of 22...

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