Teachers Carrying Guns

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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Huong Nguyen

Teachers used as first line of defense?

Summary: This article is about our legislation considering the idea of allowing teachers to carry guns in a classroom. It tells us the cons about how it can affect anyone from students, teachers, and the school itself. The article also uses important people like Sheriffs, Governors, and Senators opinions on the topic to bring in the attention of other citizens. Most of the article covers the negatives and covers those against it. It is trying to tell us the dangers that could be brought upon the students if this were to go through as a law. The opinions of those in a higher position ensure my trust in their decisions. Opinion: The amount of school shootings have increased rapidly within the past couple of years, we can never know when another one could strike. But the question is always how can we ensure the safety of the students, how we can prevent school shootings from happening, and what can we do to get the word out about gun control safety.

This article is about people considering the fact that teachers should carry guns in the classroom. In my defense I absolutely disagree, having a gun in the classroom is probably the worst thing you can do. Where would the gun be stored? What if a student was curious and toyed around with it? What if they accidentally shot themselves or hurt another student. This idea should not even be explored or considered at all. There are so many bad things that could possibly go wrong with a teacher having a gun in the classroom. We never know what the teachers could do either, they could accidentally forget about locking it up, or mishandling it. Even if the teachers were allowed to carry a hand held gun, things could go wrong. What if a teacher does not know what to really expect when she encounters a shooter? Things will not ever sound as easy as they may seem, people make it seem like its safe just because you have a gun on you. That is not always the case, so we...
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