Teachers Attitude and Its Relation on Mathematics Subject

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  • Published : January 26, 2012
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The study entitled “TEACHERS’ ATTITUDE AND ITS RELATION ON THE MATHEMATICS SUBJECT AS PERCEIVED BY SELECTED SECOND YEAR STUDENTS OF DASMARIÑAS NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL S.Y. 2010 – 2011” conducted by Aira Shane M. Balmes, Ruth A. Bobadilla and Mika B. Miralles aims to determine whether the perception of the students to the attitude of the teachers has a significant relationship to their academic performance. The researchers used the Descriptive Research design to describe the characteristics of targeted individuals in an accurate and systematic way. Stratified sampling was also used in the study. This was used because the researchers grouped the respondents according to their sections. The researchers conducted a survey to identify what are the opinions of the students about their Second Year Mathematics teacher. Questionnaires were used to determine the point of view of students about the attitude of their teachers. To get the desired number of respondents out of the entire population, the researchers used the SLOVEN formula. Most of the respondents perceived that the following teacher’s attitude which are Enthusiastic, concerned, optimistic, expresses humor, self – confident, well versed on subject matter, challenging, disciplinarian, flexible, explains well, helpful, neat in appearance, punctual, do not play favoritism and strict were done frequently by their second year mathematics teacher. The Neat in Appearance got the highest weighted mean which is 1.82. The result of the Pearson r formula, which is -0.41, shows that there is a significant relationship between the perception of students on teacher’s attitude and academic performance on Mathematics subject of selected second year students of Dasmariñas National High School S. Y. 2010 – 2011. Since the computed value is beyond the critical assessment which is -0.19461 then, reject the null hypothesis. Therefore, there is really a significant relationship between the perception of the...
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