Teachers as Human Molders

Topics: Education, Teacher, Philosophy Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: March 14, 2013
“Teacher as Human Molder”

I came across a book entitled, The Four Greatest Teachers in the World written by J. Maurus. The top in the list were Socrates, Plato, Confucius and Jesus Christ. Based on the narration, Socrates dwelt oftentimes in Agora. He engaged himself in discussion with men of wit to mentally empower him. Because of his intellectual acumen, he had avidly been adhered by the youth. Their constant association with him placed him in controversy because the Greeks suspected that he corrupted their minds by swerving their conventional orientation without realizing that Socrates taught the youth to explore their individuality to know the truth behind the concealed reality. Socrates inculcated in them independence of ASSIMILATING AND LEARNING THROUGH EXPLORING. Not even an instance that SOCRATES answered question laconically.

Plato on the other hand was far different from his master, SOCRATES. He never confined his students within the four corners of the room. Formal setting in learning was beyond his thinking. He believed that, ‘physical activeness determines mental alertness’. In an open space with luxury of air, sunlight and view, he discussed his lessons with them. In such kind of setting, he impliedly emphasized, “lightness in confronting the hard challenges in learning”. This belief has been confirmed in his philosophical essay entitled, “Allegory of the Cave” wherein readers as well as learners must surpass human analysis to fathom the deepness of his thoughts yet appreciation is guaranteed once understood. Why? Its free flowing presentation eases their uneasiness to understand.

Confucius, the most revered among the philosophers in China believed that, “LEARNING EFFECTS PROPRIETENESS OF BEHAVIOR”. This belief is reflected in his FIVE CLASSICS. Since the Chinese exhaust their resources, time, and energy in education, they have higher sense of morality for they have comprehended deeply every angle of the sphere of life....
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