Teachers Are Born, Not Made

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Teachers are born, not made
Who is a teacher? This term names someone who decided to pass their knowledge to others. There are two different sorts of teachers. There are those who are truly devoted to their profession and took an oath to educate others. On the other hand there are those who suffer every moment they spend in the classroom full of students. In my belief, this has a great impact on the students and the amount of knowledge they get during their student years. Therefore, I agree with the statement that teachers have to be born with certain talents. I will point out some of these qualities in the following lines; they are in my opinion crucial for a good teacher.

It all starts with two important qualities which are strong will and love for teaching. In my opinion, it all originates from these two elements. A person can be very bright, educated and full of knowledge, but that does not make him or her a good teacher. It takes a lot more for someone to be able to educate others, such as patience, good will, tolerance and definitely not only the necessary knowledge. In a classroom full of loud students, one has to be able to take the lead and have authority over them. On the contrary, some teachers get really nervous and start yelling, which is not really healthy for a good teaching environment. It is important that the teacher stays calm and gains the attention of the audience in another way, for example with a good task or an interesting topic.

Sense of humour is definitely a virtue that makes a teacher good and popular with the students. Naturally, there has to be a good portion of both – humour and seriousness. This is what makes students interested and willing to pay attention, to cooperate with the teacher and to actually learn something. There is always interesting to see a teacher being able to take a joke and honestly laugh with the students. It makes him or her human and interesting, instead of only the snob standing in front of the board....
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