Teachers' Questioning and Feedbacking Strategies

Topics: Question, Education, Thought Pages: 10 (3220 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Teaching is basically a combination of art and science. While research tells us in a systematic way the differences between effective and less effective teaching strategies (the science of teaching) teachers must practice and apply what is known according to their own personality and to a certain extent, to their own intuition (the art of teaching) there is no one best way to teach, no super strategy. The specific experiences and learning task a teacher design for their students to reach or master their goals fall under the umbrella of implementation. Implementation is simply how they teach (Freiberg & Driscoll, 2000). Teachers make a wide range of decisions that clearly impact on the effectiveness of their classroom teaching. Shavelson (1973) describes decision making as the “basic teaching skill’. The argument is that while knowledge of subject matter or teaching skills is important, being able to describe when and how to use them effectively is critical (Greenwood & Fillmer, 1997).

The effectiveness of each teaching techniques used inside the classroom shows different results. Each technique is supported with unique ways of approach for moulding the young minds. Such approach needs a step-by-step action. It is for reserving the flow of topics in sequence to keep up with the coherence of the certain subject. The clearness is amplified in the whole matter of options. The consistency of the teacher’s relationship to the students may affect. Basic principles will serve as the foundation of the whole learning thread. Simply speaking, it is an inductive learning that must start from simpler or specific terms to a wide range or general term of frequency. It will accompany the students to leading them in the right path or correct direction. such that, teaching techniques like questioning serves as a contributor to influencing student’s learning, achievement and behaviour. Classroom questioning is one of those extensively researched topics. It is one of the teaching strategies that also history as an educational strategy. Researchers and other writers concerned with questioning techniques seem to want to remind us that questioning has a long and vulnerable part in teaching. These question and answer is a challenge conjecture for the part of the student, it is a denouncing opposition that leads to a new learning and understanding in which we cannot deny that it is a powerful teaching approach (Borich, 1998). This implies objectives in giving questions to students; to be able to interact with their student during class sessions, to motivate and make the students interested in class, to see if the students made/completed their assigned works, and to develop their thinking skills and stir up their learning. However, questioning is second only to lecturing and that classroom teachers spend anywhere from forty to sixty percent conducting questioning sessions. This is their way of evaluating their students' knowledge thru the answers they provide. But this depends on the level of skill the teacher has, because some teachers are said to be bookish in terms of inculcating knowledge or teaching the students. These process risks the potential of the teacher to exhaust other means for the students to learn more.

Moreover, everyone knows how to formulate questions and ask random people. The level of questioning this thesis tackle is higher than the ordinary questioning we do every time we communicate with others. Teachers evaluate student’s abilities by asking questions, but they do not know what kind of questioning they imply in their discussions. Only skilled teachers know what strategy to use to make their way of teaching an effective one. Student’s cooperation is a must too.

In addition, this study implies strategies on how teachers interact to students in giving questions and feedbacks by employing some varied methods. Corrective feedbacks are used in class, to make...
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