Teacher's Role in Entrepreneurship Education

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This article aims to highlight the crucial and challenging role that teachers have in entrepreneurship education. We will introduce a piece of data gathered during a project “Measurement Tool for Entrepreneurship Education”. A group of teachers (n 29) in 2008 were asked to describe their aims and results concerning entrepreneurship education. The results indicate teachers were familiar with entrepreneurship education, but, there is a remarkable lack of cohesion in definitions of basic concepts and, most of all, in between the aims and results. Moreover, when describing the aims of entrepreneurship education teachers “out source” themselves but describe the aims for the pupils / students. We argue, since the learner centred education has been in focus during the last decades, teachers’ role in education might have been neglected and hence we could “rediscover” teachers’ role again. In order to develop this point of view in research and in implications for practice we would like to stress 1) the development of teachers’ learning in terms of their reflection, 2) developing practical tools for their self reflection, 3) realizing changes of education, like curricula reforms, from the point of view of teachers’ learning and 4) realizing the links between aims and results in the context of entrepreneurship education. Key words: entrepreneurship education, teacher’s learning, teacher’s reflection

The strategy of the European Union highlights the importance of the development of entrepreneurial culture by fostering the right mindset, entrepreneurship skills and awareness of career opportunities (Commission of the European Communities 2006). Finland in particular has extensively promoted entrepreneurship education mainstreaming at all education levels. This process has been supported administratively. For example, The Ministry of Education 1

announced an initiative entitled The Clarification and the Action Program of Entrepreneurship Education in 2004. The cross-curricular themes represent central emphasis of the educational and teaching work and the educational challenges of the time are met through them (The Finnish National Board of Education 2004). In line, In Finland entrepreneurship education has long been included in the national core curriculum and the latest curricula reforms at all education levels point out the development of entrepreneurship education. The entrepreneurship education theme is called “Participatory citizenship and entrepreneurship”. The National Core Curriculum is the basis which the local and regional education providers follow but they may put own emphasis in their curricula. (Finnish National Board of Education 2004) However, there is a long distance from the international and national policy making level to the future realization of outcome of entrepreneurship. A journey consisting two different processes: first, from the goal setting in education system, starting from the EU strategies and national curricula, to the altered daily teaching work of all teachers, and secondly, from the teaching to the altered behaviour of the students in the years to come. These processes are illustrated in the following picture.

Aims of
European Union
National education






Picture 1: Teacher executing the aims of entrepreneurship education.

Nevertheless, teachers have at times had difficulties in identifying contents and means by which to respond to challenges posed by entrepreneurship education


(Seikkula-Leino 2006; 2007, Fiet 2000a; 2000b). We propose a view that teachers are in a crossroads of several transformation processes embedded in entrepreneurial education. Teachers are living through the overall aims of entrepreneurship education into increased...
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