Teacher's Lesson Plan Reading

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A group of 20 () beginners. They are mostly enthusiastic but some are shy too. They are all eager to learn new things. The group is conformed of 12 girls and 8 boys. They are mostly visuals, but 2 are kinaesthetic.

By the end of class the students will be able to

STAGE| SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES| ACTIVITY| SITUATION/ MODELS| PROCEDURE| INTERACTIONAL PATTERN| POSSIBLE PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS| AIDS AND MATERIALS| TIMING| Reinforcement period| Children should be able to read and understand what they read and then be able to answer the questions given.In addition, the Reading includes past tense so the students can practice.| Read the “skeleton key” and answer the questions below.| Erik goes to his grandparents’ house and his grandpa gives him a key. He needs to find out what the key is for.| Lead in: The teacher will ask to the students some of the following questions to build up the interest in the subject. -do you like to go to your grandparents house?- how often do you go?Pre- Reading:The teacher will handout the puzzle word ( ) with some vocabulary words from the Reading that might not be clear and she will ask the students to tell her the meanings, if they dont know them she will explain what they are. While Reading: Students should read the “the skeleton key” ( ) and answer the questions below.Scanning: Answer the exercise given by the teacher. ( )If there were spare time students will make the drawing (question number 2 of exercise )Teacher will check answers and have the students answer them. | LockstepWhole group| Students might not seem interested in the Reading and they wouldnt stop talking. Teacher would make them all read the story together, then answer the questions individually.| Exercise ( )Exercise( )Reading “the skeleton key”| 30 minutes.|
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