Teacher's Day

Topics: Performance, Education, Dance Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: May 1, 2013

On a fine day during recess, Shazana and her friend are talking about what’s happening on Teacher’s Day in their school.

Shelina : Mezz, do you know what happened during Teacher’s Day in our school? Mezz : Oh, during teacher’s day? If I was not mistaken, they held a concert after recess during teacher’s day. Shelina : Yeah, you’re right! The teachers participated in the concert. They performs different dances and they even recorded a drama. Mezz : The drama was sort of hilarious because the ghost that their talking about does not exist, but it was fun to see the teachers acts and dance. We rarely see the teachers perform. Shelina : You’re right! Only students are performing all the time or should we say mostly all the time. We can only see the teachers perform once a year in this school, which is on teacher’s day. We can also see a teacher’s other side, besides their strict and scary side when their in class. Mezz : The teachers are also very creative when they come to performaces. There is a performance called the “Robot Dance”. A few teachers wore boxes costumes so that they look like a robot and some even wore an ultraman mask. Shelina : Oh yeah. Do you even know that the PRS club sold things for the teachers and the students on that day? Mezz : Really??? What did they sold?

Shelina : Well, they sold roses for the teachers. The students order it and they will deliver it to that respective teacher. Besides, they even sold chocolates, cupcakes and chocolate cakes. Mezz : Wow! Thay can sell so much things. That day was such a great day although it the time period was short. I enjoyed myself a lot. Shelina : Yeah, me too. I hope I can participate too in the selling and stuffs next year. Mezz : Ah! The bell has rung. Let’s head back to class quickly. Shelina : Yeah, you’re right. Let’s go.

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