Teacher/Training Cycle

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Assessment LO.1: Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be in terms of the teacher/training cycle Identifying needs and planning

The role, responsibilities and functions of the teacher can be identified in the following sections of the teacher/training cycle;

Identifying needs and planning

Preparation is extremely important for any classroom situation and it is important to establish lesson plans for the session and also any materials that are required.

Identifying the needs of the students who will be attending will help in the preparation. Information such as prior experience they have of the subject matter and any special requirements or needs that the student has will enable me to personalise and tailor the session to the group.


Materials for use within the classroom must be designed to ensure that they are fit for purpose. They must be clear, concise, accurate and be easily used by the students within the classroom. Any impairments of students should be considered for example some students with visual impairments may require hand-outs in larger fonts.

Lessons should be designed to incorporate the different learning styles of students.

The content of any learning materials/session plans should be professional and up to date which means that I must continually keep up to date and carry out CPD to make sure that the content of sessions is relevant.


To ensure that I effectively facilitate learning within the classroom I should be prepared and confident with the session plan, materials and the content and I must be professional at all times.

It is important when facilitating to establish ground rules with the students and to set expectations and allowing the students to contribute to this. Setting expectations allows students to see how the session will be run and what they should get out of it.

I must ensure that the students...
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