Teacher Roles and Responsibilities

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Teacher Roles and Responsibilities

By | March 2011
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Michael Jennings

15th March 2011

Teacher Roles And Responsibilities

In this assignment I intend to describe the roles, responsibilities and boundaries of a teacher and how the teaching and training cycle is used to provide a suitable and effective learning experience for the student.

The main roles of a teacher is to communicate or facilitate effectively with the learner(s); Flemming (1987) noted three styles of learning, visual, kinaesthetic and aural. I agree with this theory from personnel experience as a learner. To decide which teaching method would best benefit the learners needs, an informal group chat would take place as part of the first session discussing what the learners already know, what they don't know and what they are expecting from there chosen subject, this been followed by a learning style questionnaire paper. Both these combined would provide information for initial evaluation as to the most effective method to use. Once the teaching method or methods have been decided the planning and design of the learning experience can be acted upon, meeting the needs of the learners and the syllabus requirements. This brings us to the communication or facilitating effectiveness of the teacher which can be assessed by assessing the learners, asking the group or individuals questions throughout each session or having a quiz at the end of each session, would also add more fun. Continuous assessment of the students is needed to evaluate if what is been taught or facilitated is been learnt. Then it would be decided if the teaching method needed to be adapted or totally redesigned to increase its effectiveness.

The main responsibility of the teacher is to continually assess of the learners needs. Referring to the teacher/training cycle in conjunction with a reflection of new learning and new needs. To monitor and evaluate the teaching method, then adapting to suit the new needs of the learners. Then referring to the teacher/trainer cycle...

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