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  • Published : May 3, 2013
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T E AC H E R R E S O U R C E G U I D E :
The Daily Word
Introduce a daily core concept card with its definition at the beginning of class. Tell students that any time they use the concept in a relevant way during class discussion, they will receive a point. Use a class list as a score sheet to tally points. At the end of class, the student with the most points earns a privilege or receives an incentive.

Dig into the Meaning
As new core concepts are presented, ask students to analyze the words and meanings for understanding on a deeper level. Tell them to follow these steps: restate the concept in your own words; give an example of a phrase or sentence using the concept; give a non-example with a phrase or sentence using the concept. Use this sample: An asset is something I own that is worth money. An asset I own is a guitar. An appetite would not be an asset.

Econ in the News
Save the business section of the daily newspaper until you
have enough copies for teams or individual students. (You
could also print online news articles.) Ask students to look through their copy of the business news to underline or high-light all the core concept words they can find. This is a good review of the concepts learned and can show students the

use of the words in story context.
Econ Art Exchange
Give each student one core concept to illustrate by drawing an example of the word in use. (For example, the word “deflation” could be drawn with pictures of goods and services that have price tags lowered.) Ask students not to write the concept

word on the paper. Exchange artwork with partners to see if they can guess the concept by the illustration alone.
Core Concept Creativity
Assign writing a creative story on the topic of “My Business Plan” or “My Investment Plan”, using as many core concepts as possible within the text. Tell students that the concept words must be used properly to make sense within...
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