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Topics: Black people, African American, Santa Claus Pages: 4 (1375 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Part A
Originally, literacy was simply defined as a way to describe the skills of reading and writing that are shaped through various mediums such as language and text. Now, I view literacy as a means of communication consisting of speech, reading, writing, and non-verbal delivery methods including media. Through this semester I have come to the understanding that literacy can be applied to many ideas, such as music, culture and graphic novels.

In our final presentations, my content group combined music education and multicultural education. The exercise was designed so that students were exposed to multiple forms of literacy, including visual, audio, and text, and to use interpretive skills to gain a deeper understanding behind songs. Multiple literacies were combined at different times so that students could understand how literacies work together to provide more information or direct a specific view. In example, “Nothin’ on You” could have been a song written in arrogance explaining that the love he had for his girlfriend could be replaced with all the girls that would like to date him. Instead, the video combined with the audio clarified that he was singing this song to tell his girlfriend that despite the attempts of other girls, he only wanted to be with her. The interpretation of this song may have varied based on if we had only displayed one form of literacy. This exercise also brought in a cultural aspect when we asked students to describe the artist based on the song. Stereotypes and clues from the text lead students to conclude that this specific artist was young, from an urban area, and lived in the U.S. based on the lyrics and video. They were correct, but we made the connection that all three songs were about love and were created to cater to a specific audience based on the artist’s background and could be easily transformed for a different audience. Music was portrayed in this exercise as a tool to cross cultural barriers. Culture...
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