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Khalifa Independent Secondary School Grade : 11 Test Objectives Foundation Section 1 :

English Department First term

Students will watch or listen to a persuasive or an interview of about 5 minutes and answer : A. 6 multiple choice questions ( 6 points ) B. 2 constructed response question ( 4 points ) Examples : 1- Using your own language ,explain how ( the speaker )was successful to convey ( his /her )message to audience . Support your answer with details from the listening.. 2- How was the speaker able to show the importance of his / her message at the beginning and at the end of the speech ? 3- How could this speech be improved to be more persuasive. 4- What was the main focus / purpose of this speech? 5- What was the reaction of the audience ? 6- Which is correct according to the listening?

Section 2 :Reading : Students will read a persuasive or an argumentative essay of about 600 words and answer : A. 6 multiple choice questions ( 6 points ) B. 2 constructed response question ( 2 points )

English Department 2011- 2012 Done by

Muhammad desoki

English Coordinator Mr. Mohamed Sayed

Academic-Vice Principal Mr. Nasser Al-Qahtani

Khalifa Independent Secondary School English Department Grade : 11 Test Objectives First term Examples : 1- Do you agree or disagree that .........................? Support your answers with details from the reading OR a short story that happened to you or one of your friends. 2- Which persuasive techniques used effectively? 3- What persuasive techniques can be added to make persuasion stronger? 4- How ( persuasive technique ) used effectively in this reading .Give details 5- What can replace this word or expression ( to start, to conclude , to sum up ……….etc.) 6- What is the main focus/ purpose of this essay / lecture 7- What type of essay is this ? ( argumentative – persuasive – descriptive – narrative ---etc. 8- What does the underlined word mean? 9- What is the thesis statement in this essay?

Section 3 :...
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