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  • Published : May 26, 2012
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Name of Tutor Christine Hunter

Venue Hovis Birmingham Date 03/11/08

Subject area Professional Train the Trainer Time 1330-1430

Number of students 6

Lesson plan available Y Scheme of Work available N

1. Classroom environment / organisational skills

It was a basic classroom set-up with white board, table and chairs, mounted projector and screen. Air conditioning was also available.

Christine had organised the seating and layout in accordance with her learning plan,

Learning Support was organised in respect of translators to help with the aid of the learners if required.

There was an array of playful bendy toys spread across the tables for students to play with. Pencils, pens, paper were provided as well as a work book containing the slides for key point to be noted on. Handouts and quizzes were also included

Each of the students completed a pre-course application form and interview that helped identify their oral & written English competency. This course was not available in other languages at this time.

2. Classroom Management

Christine had a confident but relaxed classroom manor and greeted each student as they entered the training room. Also, at times when certain learners got a little loud or chatty, Christine remained calm and showed patience but applied control, verbally and through body language. The atmosphere in the room was nice, the temperature was just right, so this will have maintained a comfortable environment for the learners.

There was a definite sense of anticipation from the students and only silence could be heard from around the table. Christine started by introducing herself and laying out some of the ground rules before commencing...
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