Teacher Leadership

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Teacher Leadership
Dexter Lamar Sanders
EDU675: Change Leadership for Differentiated Educ. Envmnt
Myisha Warren
March 18, 2013

Teacher Leadership
This week’s assignment deals with teacher leadership. I will give you a brief detail of what I have learned about teacher leadership. Also, I will give detail on how I would implement change in the school. Finally, I will give you strategies on how to manage the change outside the leadership position. Teaching is sometimes a series of trials and errors. Because every group of students can be so different, a teacher cannot treat every class the same exact way and must know when to make a change. Once a teacher can learn this concept the on the road to becoming a leader. I have learned teacher leadership involves supporting principals to develop teachers to refine their skills and collaborating more effectively. A teacher who thinks outside the classroom, who take risks within the classroom, who aren't afraid to say that they don't know something, or who aren't afraid to share what they do know. Teacher leadership also involves mobilizing and energizing others with the goal of improving the school’s performance of its critical responsibilities related to teaching and learning. In order to implement change within the school, I must ask myself some questions according to the article entitled “Asking the Right Questions”. These would be the questions I would ask myself. What can I do to improve student achievement? How can I motivate the students? How can I get every 6th grade student to be mastery in Mathematics? After coming up with those questions, I must now figure out a strategy to improve student learning. I will get ideas and suggestions from the principal. I will use social media to get strategies from other mathematics teachers to improve student learning. Once I have a clear vision on the strategy to use to improve student learning now it’s time to implement it. I must empower the other...
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