Teacher Interview Report

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Teacher Interview Report


I. Introduction

Actually, this is my second time to do teacher interview. Last time, I went to Shi Pai Junior High School to interview a teacher and asked something about the class management. From the interview, I’ve learned a lot from the teacher and her belief of teaching Chinese. Though to certain degree, this time the report is quite similar to the last report that I’ve done. However, this time, by the demand of teacher Alice and the class objective, my target interviewee must be an “English” teacher. At first, I was very nervous about how to find an English teacher in junior or senior high school because I’ve got in touch with all my English teachers for several years. (it may be very embarrassing to go back and the teacher doesn’t recognize that I used to be her student) Fortunately, one of my best friends in my night school class, knowing my worriment, introduced me an English teacher in Shilin High School of Commerce whom she loves and admires very much. Here, I want to say thanks to my dear friend. Without her, I really cannot finish writing this assignment.

Below, there are some basic info of the teacher and the questions that I’ve prepared for the teacher interview,

Teacher’s name: Ms. Chris Chang

School: Shilin High School of Commerce

Time Lasting: about 1 and half and hour

Date: May 28, 2006


My List of the Interview Questions,

1. The teacher’s learning and teaching background,

(1) educational background

(2) experiences of teaching

(3) the reason of being an English teacher

2. The teacher’s belief and philosophy

(1) the teacher’s belief and philosophy of language teaching

(2) methods of efficient language teaching

3. The barriers and supports that he/ she faces in teaching context

(1) what barriers did you face at the beginning of teaching English

(2) how to deal with the students of different English competences

(3) how to deal with the students who have difficulties in learning English

4. The teacher’s career cycle and professional development

(1) do other English teachers in the school share teaching experiences with each other

(2) what do you do to improve your professional teaching

5. Other

(1) do you have any recommendation to the English teacher to be


II Teacher Interview

1. The teacher’s learning and teaching background,

First, about the teacher’s learning and teaching background, Ms. Chang go bachelor degree in Fu Jen Catholic University and master’s degree in National Taiwan Normal University and National Taipei University of Education. Now she is a doctor candidate in Tam Kang University. And she also has been to Ohio in American to go further study.

Second, about Ms. Chang’s teaching experiences, she has been teaching for 16 years. (10 years in Shilin High School of Commerce) Now, she’s about 40 years old. So she began teaching English when she was 24 years old which age is the same to me now. ^^

Third, about the reason of being an English teacher, Ms. Chang told me that it’s because she loves English very much, especially about the theories, such as linguistics and language teaching. She likes almost all things about English except literature, because she thinks that sometimes the articles are too over and full of emotions.

2. The teacher’s belief and philosophy,

Ms. Chang told me that as an English teacher what she can bring to students is to let students love English as she does. In order to make students to be interested in English, Ms. Chang will offer some teaching materials or activities which are related to the textbooks and daily lives of students, such as recent news, songs, or novels. Furthermore, she will bring students to the computer classroom to key in the articles that they’ve wrote at home and compare the articles with each other in order to let students devote themselves to the activities of practicing English.

3. The barriers and supports that he/...
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