Teacher Discipline Case Study

Topics: Education, Student, Bullying Pages: 2 (826 words) Published: December 5, 2012
There are many issues in this case study that need addressed. First of all, I would address the situation occurred between the student and the special area teacher. Next, I would address the parent complaint after an investigation of the event. Lastly, I would discuss and refresh all staff on policies and procedures in place at the school to prevent future incidents. At the time the situation occurred, I would send the regular classroom teacher back to their classroom explaining that they should come back up to the office once they had a free period or at the end of the day. I would also send the special area teacher back to their classroom for the time being. I would take this opportunity to discuss the events of the altercation with the student. I would listen to the student’s side of the story. After hearing the student’s side, I would explain to the student that leaving the building during school hours is against school policy. I would explain that they proper way to handle that situation would have been to ask to go to the office to discuss the issue or cool down. There they could release steam from the situation and avoid the altercation with the teacher. I would then inform them that the situation will be investigated and disciplinary action is pending since they left the school building and talked to the teacher in an inappropriate manner. I would address the regular classroom teacher next listening to the events in their point of view. I would let them know that in the future, they should get classroom coverage and walk the student to the office; then they should return to their classroom. I would want specific details about the conversation they may have had with the student and thanked them for bringing them to the office to calm them down and resolve the situation. I would close by reaffirming the policy of always having a teacher in the classroom in order to prevent problems and keep the students safe. Lastly, I would have the special area classroom...
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