Teacher Attendance System

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In Partial Fulfillment

of the Requirements for the Course

Software Engineering

Abalos, Abelyn V.

Jovellanos, Christian C.

Sonny, Ramos P.

Tan, Wilness Faith Q.

Torres, Precious Y.

October 2010

Organizational Structure of


Office Layout of


Accounting Office

Principal Office Lay OutAccounting Office

Guidance Layout

Record Section









Background of the Study

San Fabian National High School was founded at Nibaliw East San Fabian, Pangasinan by Congressman Jose De Venecia on September 01, 1989. During the Administration of Conrado P. Gubatan, the City mayor. At first, the school was using the manual system of conducting a payroll system for their employees. But as the year past, the school structure, its employee’s and its students have grown their numbers that’s why they came to the idea on using a computerized student information and payroll system. As we came to the place, we found out that the computerized payroll system that they’re already using is not accurate to what they need.

They we’re also using the so called “biometrics” for the checking of their time-in and time-out. According to the principal, other employees are cheating their time of work.

We, the researchers made to realize that in order to satisfy the needs of the staff, faculty members and the other employees we decided to propose a fully automated payroll system that will make their work effective and efficient. This cheating that they were complaining will also be eliminated. This system could also help them to have a faster processing and distribution of their salaries. Time wasting will definitely be eliminated too.

The ability of computers for performing such a technological task became popular all over the world especially when it comes to business. Making use of computers makes the usual work faster, accurate, effective and efficient. And this definitely makes the time more valuable and more useful. We, the researchers believe that making use of computers and conducting an automated payroll system will definitely help all the employees of San Fabian National High School.

Statement of the problem

The study aims to design a fully automated payroll system including a daily time records of San Fabian National High School Administrative Staff.

Specifically it aims to answer the following questions:

1. Does the existing system computations are accurate and doesn’t have any possible errors?

2. Does the presentation of payroll slip/reports are not time consuming and effort wasting? 3. Are the files of the employees secured?

4. Does the computations of overtime and other salary deductions are also included in the system?

5. Does the computer could tabulate the data and tamper their D.T.R.?

Significance of the Study

In implementing the system, San Fabian National High School will reduced processing time for all calculations including all attendance records and departmental cost transactions. System capacity is virtually unlimited for recording and monitoring earning and deduction codes.

The payroll department processes new hires, terminations, sends salary, hours and hourly rate data to the payroll processor, coordinates the delivery of paychecks and provides a customer service function to employees. The...
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