Teacher as a Facilitator

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Teacher As A Facilitator

In general, there are still many one-way system of learning between teacher and students, called “Teacher centered learning” (TCL). Learning systems such as this can break the liveliness and students creativity in the classroom. Actually system teacher-centered learning (TCL) system must be balanced with student-centered learning (SCL). But it would be more effective if learning is more centered on student activeness in class, otherwise known as “Student centered learning”. Teachers only act as a facilitator, motivator and inspiration for students.

Traditionally, a class is taught by a teacher mainly through lectures. The teacher presents information in an oral presentation while students listen, take notes and occasionally ask questions. This method sometimes leaves little room for class discussion or hands-on work; the teacher is the focal point and usually takes most of the class time. Grades are usually based on written exams. This method of teaching is often hard to duplicate in an online environment, but it can be done through video lectures and PowerPoint presentations.

A facilitator, on the other hand, is an instructor who leads the class in discussions based on the material covered. This is a student-centered approach. Facilitators rarely lecture; instead, they lead the class to discuss the material and share personal insights from real-world examples. This approach allows students to apply the information to their own situations, making the learning more meaningful to them.

While both approaches are effective, online learning is better suited to a facilitator approach to teaching because of the delivery system, student learning styles and student interaction. Because information in online classes cannot be delivered in person, it is usually delivered through reading assignments, posting discussion questions and various electronic presentations (e.g., video, PowerPoint or audio). While lectures can be delivered...
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