Teacher and Student Relationship: Sufi Islam

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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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Teacher and Student Relationship: Sufi Islam

Islam is one of the four largest religions of the world. It is the fastest growing and has the second most followers of any religion. Islam is the larger branch of its religion, just as Christianity is the larger idea of a religion which has numerous sects which have slightly varying beliefs and practices. One of Islam’s sects is Sufism, a mystical sect which focuses more on the fundamentals of Islam and it’s deeper meaning spiritually. Sufism is found primarily in the Middle East but specifically in Iran, Iraq, Turkey and India. Sufis value learning and within Sufism there are Masters and Seekers. The teacher and student relationship in Sufism is not akin to that of a typical classroom setting; it is more personal and spiritual.

All Muslims believe that their purpose is to adhere and become closer to God, hoping that they become closer to God and to paradise after death or after the final judgment. Sufis believe that it is possible to not only be closer to God in death but also in this life; they believe that closeness to God and embrace His Divine Presence is possible in the earthly life. A Sufi’s aim is to please God by restoring themselves to the state of fitra through hard work and devotion to God. Fitra is a primordial state which is described in the Qu’ran and is a state where nothing one does defies God. In Islamic theology human beings are born with an innate inclination of oneness, which is personified and enclosed in the fitra along with compassion, intelligence and all other characteristics that embody what it is to be human. The fitra of the human body is its beauty and perfection as created by God. Fitra is the origin of the human body, it is what God created in perfection and it is a Sufi’s desire and chief aim to restore themselves to the state of fitra.

A Sufi is a practitioner of Sufism which is known as a mystical dimension of Islam. Sufis believe in the inner or esoteric dimension...
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