Teacher and School

Topics: Teacher, Education, Discipline Pages: 3 (637 words) Published: May 17, 2013
“Discipline in school and at home”

Discipline is what enables us to follow through our daily actions and behaviors. We know that if we go anywhere around the world we have to be disciplined. Discipline is the only way to keep us physically as well as mentally fit. The most important discipline of a person is to be honest, ethical and confident in both home and in respective premises.

Discipline at school:

* We have to come regular in the school.
* We must come to school on time.
* We should show respect to others and ourselves.
* We should follow the rules and regulations of the school and should take responsibilities of our action. * We must not bring anything in school that can be harmful or not allowed. * We must obey our teachers.

* We must bring our identity card regularly and must not keep any classwork incomplete. * If we do not understand any lesson we must ask the teachers to help us once again. * We should help others with their own works when asked.

* We should keep our school uniform neat and clean.
* We must do our homework regularly.
* We must arrange the chairs and switch off the fans and lights at the end of the day of school. * In classroom we must listen to what our teachers say and stop them who disturbs in the class. * We also should help the teachers with their task whenever asked. * We must not disturb the teachers or anyone in the class. * In school we must not quarrel or fight about anything in the class or anywhere in school. If anything happens in the class or school even with a small issue, we should discuss it with the teacher. * If by mistake anyone else’s copy or other stuff comes with us and we know that it is others’ copy we must politely return it back. * If we have done any mistake then we should apologize for the mistake to the teacher.

Last but not the least, we should always be polite and show dissents to the elders,...
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