Teacher Advocacy

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  • Published : January 12, 2011
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Teacher Advocacy

I am standing here before you as an advocate for fellow teachers, my students, their parents, the community in which I teach and the state of Maryland. To teach is defined in the Webster’s Dictionary as, to show or help a person, to learn how to do something; to provide knowledge. I would like to take that definition and add to it my own personal meaning. A teacher is a passionate person dedicated to enlightening their subjects. A teacher is a leader, one that inspires their students to do great things, to learn, to grow and to live. Today’s teacher has many roles both in and out of the classroom and is held accountable for these actions by each and every one they come into contact with.

These actions, beliefs, or one might say attitudes that guide the today’s teacher will vary depending on the individual. The teacher just like the student must choose their attitude. Let the attitude you choose to bring be your best self to work and to love the work you do. The following are a list of beliefs and attitudes that can help the teacher succeed in their environments, be fair, be firm, be consistent, be positive, value diversity, think constructively, resolve conflicts, express appreciation, work together on tasks, “together we can”, assess improvement, recognize the need for additional help, celebrate achievement and always be a good influence my making responsible decisions. These beliefs should be used in conjunction with the predetermined curriculum. The teacher needs to explain, rehearse, and reinforce these beliefs to their students every day to build a successful learning environment. Each student deserves the same quality education if they are to become our future educators of our Country.

When President Bush signed the No Child Left Behind Act into a Law on January 8, 2002, this was his main intention. To ensure that every child received a quality...
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