Teach a Dog to Sit

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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Everybody would like to have a dog that does some tricks to impress your friends and family. While I know that there is a whole bag of tricks you can teach your dog, I am going to explain to you how to teach the simplest command of all, “sit”, to your dog. There is a few easy steps to get your dog on the right track, and after he or she picks the up the options are limitless. The dog can start to learn other tricks, and you have a general idea of how to teach it to them. First things first, you will require two things, a dog and some treats. You should definitely find a quiet setting. This makes it easier for the dog to focus and you gather their full attention. You need to start this process off by standing directly in front of the dog. This gets their attention and shows them that you are the one in control. The Second step is to show the dog the treat, this REALLY gets their attention. You put the treat directly in front of his or her nose and slowly move the treat back across their body towards the tail, all while you are saying the command “sit”. The dog might react in several different ways, one of which is taking steps backwards. This is alright, just reset and try and again. Your dog is definitely not gonna pick it up the first time and that’s ok. Eventually you will get the reaction you want out of your pup, which of course is sit. When this happens immediately reward them with a treat, and a little bit of love. You need to make it clear that he or she did a good thing. Eventually the dog will realize that everytime he sits he gets a treat, that is not the point of this at all, so only reward him or her when you say “sit” and he or she sits. Some dogs pick this up faster than others so don’t get too frustrated. Just take a little break and try again. Do not push their backside down either because all this does is teach them to let you push their backside down. Eventually, your dog will start picking it up and in just a matter of time he will be sitting...
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