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  • Published : March 16, 2013
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What do you believe to be the main purpose of education? The definition of education is the process of acquiring general knowledge. The true purpose of having an education is to become more efficient and achieve their life goals. Education acts as a gateway to a successful life. A person is able to obtain a well-paid job if the person has a high level of education. With solid education a person is able to socialize with others of different cultures. Education allows people to improve societies.

Having an education can also help a person obtain a well-paid job. Most jobs require employees to have at least a high school diploma. Other jobs require employees to have a high level of expertise or a degree. There are many people who are unemployed and are having trouble finding a job because they did not finish school. When I was in high school I wanted to help my parents pay off the bills. I applied for many jobs but none would hire me because I did not have a high school diploma. Through my personal experience I came to realize that if I ever wanted to help my parents I would have to continue to excel in my studies to receive a high school diploma in order to obtain a job.

With an education people are able to socialize with others of different cultures. If a person learns a different language not only are they able to communicate with people of different cultures but they are also able to increase their chances of employment as mentioned before. When I first took a Spanish class in high school I noticed many students in my class struggled to understand the material but I found the class rather easy than difficult. My mother would have me read books in Spanish and she also spoke to me in Spanish in order to educate me. Thanks to the practice I became fluent in my native language and did not have difficulty taking my Spanish class. As can be seen, a person who educates himself with different languages is able to socialize with others and is capable of learning...
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