Tea Pot Dome Scandel

Topics: Warren G. Harding, William Howard Taft, Albert B. Fall Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Tea pot dome scandle

Reflecting on the past decade the 20’s, can show how a culture can evolve in such a short period of time. Corruption and depression crushed uprising hopes of big business seen in the early 20’s. Although there is a sense of hopelessness in our economy it is necessary to look back and appreciate past discoveries and events. As we continue to analyze this decade, the next year of interest is 1922. This year was one of prosperity, which can be highlighted by William Howard Taft’s efforts to improve national unity, the federal court, and child labor regulations. However, with all the achievements of the year, corruption was present. The “Top Event of 1922” which received copious attention is the start of the Tea Pot Dome Scandal. This scandal is one which has become to be known as governmental corruption. Its popularity during the time makes the Tea Pot Dome Scandal the “Top Event of 1922”.

The scandal was one of the most publicized and critiqued event of 1922, making it a clear and obvious choice for the top event of the year. The scandal was started over something called Naval Oil fields, which are oil reserves for the navy. Oil is only supposed to be taken from these fields in case of emergency and diminishing supplies. Too many this seemed like it was a great idea, but to other politicians and oil companies it was seen as unnecessary. One the senators who opposed the oil reserves was Albert B. Fall; he was President Harding’s Secretary of the Interior. It was known that Fall and Harding were close friends, and talked often. Fall had then convinced Secretary of the Navy Edwin Darby to sign the fields over to him, in what many report had been a sketchy dealing. Now Albert Fall was in complete control over the fields, which he leased over to the Mammoth oil company. The reason why this event turned into a big deal was due to the secretive actions of Secretary Fall. He had received a “gift” from the oil company of 400 thousand...
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