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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf was founded in 1963, California, United States, has been in operation has become one enjoys a good reputation and image of the well-known chain catering enterprises. In Hollywood, it is by the favor of the top stars, constantly appeared in ELLE, Vanity Fair, Los Angeles Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, fashion magazines and other mainstream media, and it is the arrangement of the great American specialties famous. Coffee Bean has more than 200 outlets around the world, including the Phoenix, Arizona, San Francisco, Singapore, Mallet, West Asia, Brunei, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia and other places. Their reputation in the world has always been excellent and has all the different quality. As coffee and tea franchise brand, is the world's second-largest chain. Another difference is that the The Coffee Bean guests with a high taste and not bulky like other chain restaurant industry customer base. All things considered, they strive to provide excellent quality. Coffee Bean focus on quality and continues to this day has been managed by the family way. Victor, Sunny Sassoon and Severin Wunderman, as well as their friends become the Coffee Bean, the three owners of the franchise. While Coffee Bean in the United States is a long history of coffee and tea suppliers, but Coffee Bean never complacent. Been to make our customers get the best service, they continue to be committed to reform and innovation. In the 1980s, the first coffee shop serves smoothies series, especially the "Original Ice Blended?" Brand, and later by their competitors emulate become "Frappucino. Ten years later, because of the delicious latte milk tea is famous. Shows that Coffee Bean has been uphold the "absolute best" belief constantly looking for new ways to satisfy our customers.
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