Tea Industry Analysis

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FMCG’s or fast moving consumer goods are the products which are frequently purchased by consumers including toiletries, soaps, cosmetics, teeth cleaning products, shaving products, detergents, other non-durables such as glassware, bulbs, batteries, paper products, plastic goods etc. They are such items which are consumed daily or become necessity for human being. Everyone needs toothpaste as soon as they get up to washing their hand from soap after having their dinner. Hence this sector never had the shortfall of customer. Day by day the consumption and demand of this sector is increasing due to increase in population. Brake of this sector in India is as follow :

Our collection of market research reports is particular for DETERGENT SECTOR and it is one of important part of FMCG INDUSTRY. Report provides insights into product and market trends, analyses, opportunities, projections, sales, and marketing strategies of various companies.


What is detergent?
Detergents are household chemical cleaning compounds used for laundering. They contain wetting agents and emulsifiers based on non-soap synthetic surfactants. Synthetic detergent powders are made up of surface-active agents, builders and fillers. In addition, they contain additives such as anti re-deposition agents, optical fibre brighteners (whitening agents), bluing agents, bleaching agents, foam regulators, organic sequestering agents, enzymes, perfumers, and substances that regulate density and assure the crispness of the material they are used on.

Some Facts about detergent segment
1) Experts suggest that as much as 70 percent of the ‘target’ population is using detergents in India. 2) India has perhaps the most diverse product range of detergents. 3) The total annual consumption of detergents in India holds a retail value of billions of rupees.

The size of the detergent market is estimated to be Rs. 12,000 Cr. Household care segment is characterized by high degree of competition and high level of penetration. With rapid urbanization, emergence of small pack size and sachets, the demand for the household care products is flourishing. The demand for detergents has been growing but the regional and small unorganized players account for a major share of the total volume of the detergent market. Washing powders were categorized into four segments - economy (selling at less than Rs.25 per kg), mid-priced (Rs.25 - Rs. 90 per kg), premium (Rs. 90 - Rs. 120 per kg) and compact (selling at over Rs. 120 per kg). The compact, premium and medium priced segments together accounted for 20% of the volume share and 35% of the value share. The economy segment made up the remaining lion's share of the market. The fabric wash industry in India was characterized by low per capita consumption, especially in rural markets. The major players in the Indian detergent market were HUL, P&G, Nirma, GHARI & Henkel.

Major Players in the detergent segment and their market share.

Company Name| Products| Market Share|
Unilever| Surf, Rin, Wheel, Sunlight| 37%|
Nirma| Nirma washing powder| 33%|
Procter & Gamble| Ariel, Tide| 8%|
Others| Henkel, GHARI and others| 22%|


Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) is India's largest Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Company, touching the lives of every two out of three Indians with over 20 distinct categories in Home & Personal Care Products and Foods & Beverages. They deal in various products and with various segments in same product. Their Gross Sales of Rs 21,649.51 crores for the period 2008-09 (Company considered 15 months period) Segment-wise sales – Soaps, Detergents & Household Care- 49%, Personal products – 29%.

Key Products
Wheel became the largest detergent brand of India with annual turnover exceeding Rs. 2000 crores. * Active Wheel...
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