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There are about 1,000 tea brands in India, of which 90% are regional players. According to industry experts, packet tea, being branded, has a prime advantage of assuring consistency of quality and guaranteed taste. Tea is the highest consumed beverage in the world after water. Tea Industry in India has an annual turnover of more than Rs. 10,000 crores. 80% of all beverage consumption in India is tea. Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) is the largest tea producer, not only in India but in the entire world. HUL’s total share of tea market in India is 31% and it is closely followed by Tata Tea with 26% share. Tea as a product has 95% penetration in India. Preferences for tea vary from region to region within the country with South India preferring strong and dark tea and North India being more inclined towards taste and aroma. 65% of the tea sold in India is loose tea and the rest is packaged tea. Taj Mahal Tea

Taj Mahal Tea is a product of Brook Bond, the 130 year old brand from Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL). It is the market leader in the premium tea market of India. It is considered as the gold standard of tea in India. It was introduced in the year 1966. It is estimated to be worth more than 200 crores. Its main competitors are Tetley tea from the Tata Global Beverages and Society tea from Hasmukhrai & Company. Taj Mahal was the first in the country to introduce the concept of tea bags (for instant tea) and dessert tea. The USP of the brand is its rich taste and flavor, unique aroma, and choicest brand ambassadors. Taj Mahal is special because it is made from the rarest, freshest and juiciest tea leaves from among thousands. Even the brand ambassadors signify the true essence of Taj Mahal. Following is a brief understanding of Tata Tea

Taj Mahal was launched in 1966 by Brooke Bond. For over four decades, Taj Mahal has been the gold standard, i.e. premium segment, of tea in India. It has been a pioneer of innovations in the Indian tea market. First premium tea

First to introduce tea bags
First and only tea brand in vacuum packs
First to usher in new formats and concept, like instant tea - Dessert Tea Today Taj Mahal is available in 2 forms:
Packaged Tea
Tea Bags – 4 variants in tea bags:
Earl Grey
Branding & Advertising
Taj Mahal Tea is positioned as a premium brand and associates it with quality tea. Taj Mahal Tea is said to be made from the rarest and the best tea leaves as experts go through a lot of rigor to ensure that only the best, freshest and juiciest tea leaves from a thousand go into every Taj Mahal Tea pack. The brand is said to give its consumer “the perfect sensorial experience that’s one in a thousand”. The principle idea behind all of Taj Mahal Tea’s advertisements is the tag line “Wah Taj”. The brand ambassadors – Ustad Zakir Hussain and Saif Ali Khan – have been promoting the uniqueness and quality of the taste of the tea. HUL advertises this brand primarily through television as its appeal to the premium segment users. In order to convert tea drinkers to tea connoisseurs HUL has implemented the Taj Tea Trail. This is an hour long tea tasting and appreciation workshop conducted by an in house tea expert. The schedule of the program is as follows: Sample various teas in a guided tea tasting

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