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Tea Industry

By | July 2010
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Positioning Statement & Market Analysis Prepared By: Ariba Mehtab : 11059

Zainab Anwer Noorani : 11480 Report On :Lipton Yello Label Tea

Class M.B.A (Morning) 9:00 to 12:00 Submitted To : Mohammead Azam Khan Announced date: Due Date: Tuesday, 16th March, 2010 Tuesday, 06th April, 2010


Table of Contents
1. 1 Positioning Statement Of Lipton Yellow Label 2. Introduction Of unilever 3. Product Category y History of Tea y Tea In Pakistan 4. Executive summary 5. Product Name Lipton Yellow Label 6. Overview Of Pakistan·s Tea Indusrty 7. Target Marketing 8. Statement of need or opportunity 9. Core benefit proposition 10. Market Segmentation of Lipton Yellow Label 11. SWOT Analsis Of Lipton Yellow Label 12. Primary Competitive Alternative 13. Primary Point of difference of Lipton Yellow Label 14. 4P·s of Marketing Lipton Yellow Label 15. Positioning of Lipton Yellow Label 16. Brand Repositioning & its types 17. Brand Repositioning of Lipton Yellow Label 18. Questionnaire for consumers 19. Summary of findings 20. Graphs 21. Thank You

4 5 6&7 8 9 10, 11 & 12 13 14 15 15 16 & 17 18 & 19 20 & 21 22 & 23 24 to 29 30 31 32 & 33 34 35 36, 37 38



The profound Thanks goes to ALLAH Almighty ,most gracious most merciful whom alone we worship and ask for help.

This report was arguably one of the most painful yet thrilling experiences in this semester. There were times when we were thankful, times when we were frustrated, and times when we were filled with disbelief and at last we were successful in fulfiling our task and we have an above average report for you all to read.

Thanks to Allah for giving us the skill as well as the will to survive with our heads held high throughout.We would also like to Thank our Teacher Dr.Mohamed Azam Khan (Principles of Marketing) who have been providing guidance and suport during the whole process of our report. To our parents and family who have supported us, our salutes! Thanks...

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