Tda36-1.2 Explain the Importance of Promoting the Rights of All Children and Young People to Participation and Equality of Access.

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Task 1
(3.1 / 3.2 / 3.3)
It is important that children and young people are allowed to exercise their rights and choices, whilst health and safety requirements are maintained. This can lead to a dilemma when children and young people wish to undertake a task that you may feel is not within their capabilities, or that is not safe for them to do so

What are your feelings about this statement?

I believe that all children should be able to participate in activities that will broaden their horizons such as school outings. Children who have specific or extra needs should always be included and an appropriate tailored version of the activity should be applied. As a parent , I would want every risk evaluated to ensure that my child was protected and not exposed to any danger that was foreseeable or preventable.

Can you think of any situations when this has happened to you?

I have been involved with risk assessments for school outings which I have been more than happy with. Every eventuality was thought of and a solution proposed. Although Some of the risk assessment eventualities proposed were quite unlikely to happen, it was necessary for the school to anticipate purely on the grounds of their own accountability should the worst case scenario happen. I believe this is only necessary nowadays due to the blame culture in which we live where people want monetary compensation for accidents!

I have had to deal with such a dilemma in my setting. We have a small adventure play area made from wood, the children can access the equipment using their balancing skills to cross a bridge, a rope pass and stepping blocks. There is a reception child who has Cerebral palsy and his mobility is very limited due to this. His friends had been playing on the equipment and he wished to join them. I felt that he should not miss out and so I climbed on the equipment alongside him (It is only about 30 cm off the floor) discreetly supporting his balance...
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