Tda Level 2 1.2

Topics: Education, Human rights, Discrimination Pages: 2 (372 words) Published: November 30, 2011
Norfolk Adult Education
5329 City and Guilds Level 2 Award in Supporting Teaching and Learning

Norfolk Adult Education
5329 City and Guilds Level 2 Award in Supporting Teaching and Learning


Participation and Equality of access for all children and young people is of the up most importance. All pupils, whatever their needs and abilities have an equal right to education and learning. There is much legislation, codes of practice and policies ensuring the rights of children and young people. These are: Disability Discrimination Act 2000

Human Rights Act 1998
Children Act 1989/2004
Equality Act 2010
Every Child Matters promotes 5 aims:
Be healthy
Stay safe
Enjoy and Achieve
Make a positive contribution.
These should be followed at all times. It’s law. These laws mean that discriminatory barriers to access are removed and that information about provision is accessible by all. The barriers could include physical barriers (lack of access, equipment etc), Organisational barriers (school policies, lack of training etc), Barriers in attitudes of the school community (other staff, pupils etc). Schools must recognise and support all pupils access to everything within the school. This will promote a sense of belonging and self esteem. When children and young people are able to participate fully, they feel valued for who they are and the contribution that they make. Policies that promote equality give out a positive message and encourage mutual respect. Schools should have high expectations of all pupils and develop their attitudes of belief. To be aware that all pupils have more in common than not. To include all pupils in the main school curriculum and activities. To encourage the participation of all pupils in the social life within the school. Pupils with special educational needs need to have particular provision made to them. Participation involves everyone within the school. There should be opportunities to talk...
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