Tda 3.2

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2.3 Communication and Professional Relationships with Children and Young People.

By Deana Danaher

As a teaching assistant you must always act in a proffesional manner, needless to say you must also find a correct balance as to not creat to much distance between you and the child/children so be friendly. when you are working with a group of children you must make sure that you include all the children including individually, this is to make sure that all the children feel welcome and valued within the school setting.An example of this would be to encourage the children to ask and answer questions. Also encourouging them to make suggestions and to contribute their ideas will boost their confidence. For you to gain and develop a positive working relatonship with pupils you will need to have a good knowledge and understanding of the principles and values which are the basis of all work with children and young people. If you have an understanding of these principles you will be able to work with others to ensure: That the welfare and well being of pupils are at the center of the school Empower pupils through play abd learning

Provide a stimulating and challenging environment
Physical and personal safety within the learning environment Respect every pupil as an individual
Demonstrate a considerate and caring attitude to pupils
Provide a learning environment which is accessable to all pupils Provide play and learning activities to extend pupils understanding of themselves, other people and the world around them Encourage cooperation between pupils, parents and collegues. 1.2

To work well as a teaching assistant you need to really care about the pupils. Aswell as meeting all the childrens physical and interlectual needs, you will also need to provide some emotional security. This can be done by showing the children that you have a real interest in what they say and do. When the children are upset or poorly you will be expected to provid esome comfort to the child, You really need to genuinly care about the child because a child will be able to feel it. As a teaching assistant it is very likely that you could be working in your local school, so could be friends with the parents of some of the children in your classromm/school. This should be kept seperate from your proffesional relationship with the child. For example dont give the child special treatment and never gossip with the childs parents about stuff in school. Some of the ways to develope a possitive relationship with pupils are as follows: Remeber the childs name and pronounce it correctly

Try to make yourself approachable and show a willingness to listen Always respond in a way so that the child knows they are understood Treat the pupils as individuals within in the school

Avoid being judgemental and steriotyping pupils about race, gender or ability When speaking to a child or young person about behaviour you should always get the individual to explain before you criticise them Show pupils they are valued and important

Be sensitive when communicating with pupils: dont interupt them when they are speaking Be aware of childrens feelings
try to see the world from a childs view
At some point in a child or young persons accademic lfe they will have an argument or disagreement with another student, when they are young they rely heavily on the adults around them to help sort things out. As a child grows they will learn to deal with these situations themselves. It is very important for children and young people to learn the correct language to reach agreements with the person they har having the dispute with, this will allow both pupils to fell they have both been treated fairly. Pupils will also have to learn that they have to resove conflicts and they will not always get their own way. In the same way letting the other pupil "win" is not correct either, the best way to deal with...
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