Tda 3.1 Communication and Professional Relationships with Children, Young People and Adultstda

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  • Published : April 4, 2012
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Communication and professional relationships with children, young people and adults.

1.1 It is essential to pupils learning and development that relationships are forged between them and teaching assistants. Effective communication is important because by building sound relationships, children build confidence and are then more likely to access all areas of the curriculum. It is also important to model good relationships with other people in front of children because this is one of the ways that children and young people learn how to build and develop relationships outside of the class room. Good communication is the key to building positive relationships, allowing children to learn and understand effectively how to communicate with adults usually enables them to take this skill and use it in other areas. For example, building relationships with their peers through good communication skills. This ultimately has a positive effect on many things such as, speaking and listening tasks, being able to empathise with other people and improving their confidence and self esteem. All good relationships are built on warmth, caring, mutual respect and a willingness to listen to and accept one another. Relationships with children are especially tender and deserve extra attention and care as children are developing their concepts of the world and their place in it. Children look to the relationships with caring adults in their lives to answer many questions. They want to know, "Do I belong?" "Am I doing all right?" "Do you see who I am?" and "Am I safe with you?"

It is just as important to communicate effectively with adults to build these positive relationships as it is with children and young people. This is because whilst working as a teaching assistant you need to communicate with other adults very often. These may be other members of staff, parents or outside agencies that work alongside schools. Being able to communicate effectively helps in building these relationships because it demonstrates that you are literate, professional, understanding, patient and empathetic. All key features in building relationships.

1.2 The principles of building positive relationships with children and young people are to enable the child; • To trust you.
• To gain confidence in their own ability to forge relationships with adults. • To understand and learn how to build a positive relationship. • To enable the child understand the difference in role between the teaching assistant and pupil. (Relationship barriers.) • When children have strong relationships they are less likely to show unwanted behaviour as we can understand and meet their needs. • Teachers can plan more accurately as they understand the child’s developmental needs and have an understanding of their interests. • Children are more likely to participate in curriculum activities if they feel emotionally secure. If a child trusts you then they are much more likely to approach you with a problem or difficulty they may be having. This then means that if children can be happy and trust the adults who they are working with then they are much more likely to succeed academically. Children who learn how to build positive relationships with adults by observing and having them modelled to them are more likely to feel confident in them selves and have a higher self esteem because they will be communicating effectively with their peers and this will help build their ability to forge solid relationships outside of the classroom. Building good professional relationships with children and young people also allows them to lean a difference between the relationships they may have at home with family members who are adults and the relationships they have with the staff who work with them on a daily basis. This is crucial for children to learn from the start of school as it sets good foundations for future development.

The principles are much the same for...
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