Tda 2.8

Topics: Blood, Bleeding, First aid Pages: 1 (412 words) Published: February 13, 2012
TDA 2.8
Support children and young people’s health and safety

While the children were lining up in class waiting to go to assembly, Pupil Z’s nose started to bleed heavily. I quickly alerted the class teacher and she asked me to stay with him while she took the other children to assembly and find the qualified first aider. I put some disposable gloves on, gave Z some tissue to hold under his nose and guided him to the first aid room to wait for Mrs. B, the first aider. Z was becoming distressed so I reassured and comforted him making conversation to distract him from the nose bleed. He said he had a nose bleed in the night. Mrs. B arrived promptly and applied pressure to Z’s nose. I explained that his nose suddenly started bleeding and that he had told me he’d had a nose bleed the night before. I praised Z for being so brave and went to get him a ‘special’ sticker. I asked Mrs. B if she was ok before I cleaned up the drops of blood in the classroom. I used wet paper towels and then mopped the whole area with disinfectant and placed chairs around the wet floor area to prevent the children from slipping when they were back from assembly. I put the wet paper towels into the yellow clinical waste bin. I went back to see Z and his nose had stopped bleeding although he was still a little shaken. Mrs. B had to go back to her class so I agreed to stay with Z. I asked if she wanted me to enter the incident into the accident book which is kept in the first aid room but she said she would do it before going back to her class. I noticed Z’s clothes were soiled. I found him a uniform from the spare clothes, helped him change, double bagged his uniform and put it on his peg ready to take home. We then joined the rest of the class who were now back from assembly and Z quickly settled. The class teacher phoned Z’s Mother to inform her of the bleed and was told he is prone to nose bleeds and not to worry. I managed to keep Z calm during the incident and followed...
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