Tda 2.6 1.1 Describe Why Team Work Is Important in Schools

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TDA 2.6
1.1 Describe why team work is important in schools
Team work in schools is important as it’s a development not only for you but also for others. It helps to build a positive relationship with those that are within your team, as well as showing that there is support for one another within the structure. When there is team work, responsibilities and tasks are shared and are completed more effectively and also in a good time scale. Each member or person has their own skill and or expertise, communicating with them helps you to learn, build up your own knowledge and know your own responsibilities. Communication is an invaluable tool in team work; you can ask for advice or even give advice about certain subjects or topics, as well as sharing ideas on them too.                                                             When it comes to the pupils, communicating between each other is important as you will share information on the child such as the child’s welfare, medical information or even their progress within the classroom. When adults are working effectively together and are working as part of a team, the children will see them as role models and will follow, copy and mimic what they see. Not only using it in and around school, but also when they are at home. To a parent this shows that the school are setting a good example to its pupils, which in turn will give the school respectively high standards and a great reputation.

1.2 Describe the purpose and objectives of the team in which you work The main purpose of team work is:
- to share knowledge and experience to achieve better results with teaching and supporting children - to provide a safe emotional environment for children
- to motivate children to use their full intellectual potential - to support their development
- to support and respect one another
In my setting there are a number of purposes and objectives of the team in which they work, for example working in a team...
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