Tda 2.5 2.1

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TDA 2.5
School governor’s work together to form a governing body which works with the school & do not intervene in the day to day running of the school unless something is seriously wrong. Their responsibilities & powers have to have the backing & co-operation of the head teacher & staff. Governors & their decisions help to make the school a place that can produce a high quality education & a safe environment for staff & children. Governing committees will address lots of issues within the school such as staffing, finance, curriculum & premises. It would also be responsible for appointing a new head teacher, approving the schools budget, setting objectives, targets & policies & also prvides support for the head teacher.

Most schools senior management teams consist of the head teacher, deputy head, assistant head, they may also have senior teachers, key stage leaders, special needs Co-ordinator & business manager. Their roles would be to help set the direction of the school & too then manage this. They would lead any changes that the school needs & will generally make sure the school is fulfilling its ability to provide the best education & setting it can for the children attending. The Head teacher would identify areas within the school that need improving & set out a school plan. Lead the school in improving any areas seen necessary. Set budgets that allow the correct learning resources to be purchased. To report to governors on budget & staffing issues. Recruit staff for the correct jobs within the school. Evaluate teaching & learning within the school & give feedback to staff. Create a happy working environment for staff & children. The Deputy Head would lead major projects within the school, plan the development/improvement of the schools environment, promote good behaviour within the school, help monitor teaching & learning within the school & give feedback to...
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