Tda 2.3 Unit 3 Communication and Professional Relationships with Children, Young People & Adults Outcome 4

Confidentiality, Information sensitivity, Privacy

A summary of my Schools confidentiality policy:
I have read and understood my school’s confidentiality policy and the points that relate to me as a Level 2 Teaching Assistant, are that in all cases I should: •Ensure the time and place are appropriate, when they are not we reassure the child that we understand they need to discuss something very important and that it warrants time, space and privacy. •See the child normally (and always in cases of neglect, or abuse) before the end of the school day. More serious concerns must be reported immediately to ensure that any intervention necessary to protect the child is accessed as early as possible. •Tell the child we cannot guarantee confidentiality if we think they will: hurt themselves

hurt someone else
or they tell us that someone is hurting them or others
Not interrogate the child or ask leading questions
We won't put children in the position of having to repeat distressing matters to several people •Inform the pupil first before any confidential information is shared, with the reasons for this •Encourage the pupil, whenever possible to confide in his/her own parents/carers

The Data Protection Act 1998 prevents disclosure of:

Material supplied by anyone other than employees of the School or LEA or the person requesting disclosure. •Material whose disclosure would be likely to cause serious harm to the physical or mental health or the emotional condition of the child or someone else. •Material concerning actual or suspected child abuse.

Material which might reveal or enable to be deduced, the identity of a person other than the child to whom the information relates. •Reports by a school to a juvenile court.
Statements of Special Educational Needs.

Why it is important to reassure Children, Young People and Adults of the confidentiality of shared information and the limits of this: When sensitive information is being willingly shared to you by children and/or parents, it is...
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