Tda 2.2 Unit 2 Safeguarding the Welfare of Children and Young People Outcome 3

Child grooming, Child abuse, Psychological abuse

3.1Identifying the characteristics of different types of child abuse: Abuse can take many forms. Within the Child Protection System there are four main categories used; Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Emotional Abuse and Neglect. Children may suffer more than one type of abuse. A child who is being sexually abused for example may also be threatened and made to feel worthless. Physical -When a child is physically hurt or injured. Hitting, kicking, biting, burning, scalding, suffocating, throwing, shaking, and beating with objects, are all forms of physical abuse. Sexual - When a child is forced or persuaded into sexual activities or situations by others. This may be physical contact, such as touching or acts of penetration. Or non-physical contact, such as children looking at pornographic materials or sexual acts. Emotional - When a child suffers persistent ill treatment which affects their emotional development. It may involve making the child feel worthless, frightened, unloved or in danger. Sometimes expectations of the child are inappropriate for their age. Emotional abuse may happen alone, but often takes place with other types of abuse. Neglect - When there is a persistent failure to provide for a child’s health, development or psychological needs. This can include providing inadequate food, shelter, clothing or medical care, or not providing for their educational or emotional needs.

3.2The risks and possible consequences of Children and Young People using the Internet, Mobile Phones and other technologies: When using the Internet, Mobile Phones and other technologies, there are risks of sexual or emotional abuse. The most common risks for children are giving out their personal information, and accessing inappropriate information, often accidently when innocent words are entered into a search engine. Children often place information about themselves online, including addresses, phone numbers and pictures of themselves, which makes them an easy target for...
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