Tda 2.1

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Task 1

Fiona Griffiths15/10/12
0 – 3 MONTHS| |
3 – 6 MONTHS| * Raises head and chest when lying on stomach * Stretches legs out and kicks when lying on stomach or back * Opens and closes hands * Can sit with and, later, without support * Pushes down on legs when feet are placed on a firm surface * Brings hand to mouth * Takes swipes at dangling objects with hands | 6 – 12 MONTHS| * Crawls forward on belly * Sits up without assistance * Pulls himself up to stand * May walk two or three steps without support * Walks holding on to furniture * Takes objects out of containers * Pokes with index finger | 1 – 3 YEARS| * Walk with support by 14 months, up steps by 22 months and run by 2 years * They eat small amounts, eat frequently and they drink from a cup * Can scribble and stack blocks * Throw and kick balls, stand on tiptoes and jump with feet together * Show an interest in toilet training and feel uncomfortable with wet or soiled diapers (most are toilet trained by age three) * Can take things apart and put them back together and screw and unscrew lids * Are more active that at any other point in their lives | 3 – 6 YEARS| · hops on one foot repeatedly· skips and dances well· good balance and coordination· has refined motor skills(e.g., can draw a squarewith good corners)· prints a few letters| 7 – 12 YEARS| · can play sports anddevelop new skills· energetic· has a large appetite· height and weightincreasing at a steady rate· increased coordination andstrength· body proportionsbecoming similar to anadult’s· fine motor coordinationwell-developed (e.g.,writing and drawing skills)| 12 – 16 YEARS| * They need lots of rest – more than atany time since they were babies. * Sexual growth continues. * May...
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