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Q1) Given a collection of points P in the plane , a 1-set is a point in P that can be separated from the rest by a line, .i.e the point lies on one side of the line while the others lie on the other side. The number of 1-sets of P is denoted by n1(P). The minimum value of n1(P) over all configurations P of 5 points in the plane in general position (.i.e no three points in P lie on a line) is a) 3 b) 5 c) 2 Q2) Paul the octopus who has been forecasting the outcome of FIFA world cup matches with tremendous accuracy has now been invited to predict ICC world cup matches in 2011. We will assume that the world cup contenders have been divided into 2 groups of 9 teams each. Each team in a group plays the other teams in the group. The top two teams from each group enter the semi finals ( after which the winner is decided by knockout). However, Paul has a soft spot for India and when India plays any team, Paul always backs India. Alas, his predictions on matches involving India are right only 2 out of 3 times. In order to qualify for the semi finals, it is sufficient for India to win 7 of its group matches. What is the probability that India will win the ICC world cup? a) b) c) d) (2/3)^10 (2/3)^9 + 8/3 * (2/3)^9 8/3 * (2/3)^9 (2/3)^10 + 8/3*(2/3)^9

Q3) A toy train produces at least 10 different tunes when it moves around a circular toy track of radius 5 meters at 10 meters per minute. However , the toy train is defective and it now produces only two different tunes at random. What are the odds that the toy train produces 4 consecutive music tunes of the same type? a) 1 in 16 b) 1 in 4 c) 1 in 8 Q4) A number when divided by D leaves a remainder of 8 and when divided by 3D leaves a remainder of 21 . What is the remainder left, when twice the number is divided by 3D? a) b) c) d) 13 cannot be determined 3 42


Q5) Six friends decide to share a big cake. Since all of them like the cake, they begin quarreling who gets to first cut and have a piece of the cake. One friend suggests that they have a blindfold friend choose from well shuffled set of cards numbered one to six. You check and find that this method works as it should simulating a fair throw of a die. You check by performing multiple simultaneous trials of picking the cards blindfold and throwing a die. You note that the number shown by the method of picking up a card and throwing a real world die, sums to a number between 2 and 12. Which total would be likely to appear more often – 8,9 or 10? a) b) c) d) 8 All are equally likely 9 10

Q6) One day Alice meets pal and byte in fairyland. She knows that pal lies on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and tells the truth on the other days of the week byte, on the other hand, lies on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, but tells the truth on the other days of the week. Now they make the following statements to Alice – pal. Yesterday was one of those days when I lie byte. Yesterday was one of those days when I lie too. What day is it ? a) b) c) d) Thursday Tuesday Monday Sunday


Q7) A car manufacturer produces only red and blue models which come out of the final testing area completely at random. What are the odds that 5 consecutive cars of the same color will come through the test area at any one time? a) b) c) d) 1 in 16 1 in 125 1 in 32 1 in 25

Q8) Alok is attending a workshop “How to do more with less” and today's theme is Working with fewer digits. The speakers discuss how a lot of miraculous mathematics can be achieved if mankind(as well as womankind) had only worked with fewer digits. The problem posed at the end of the workshop is How many four digit numbers can be formed using the digits 1, 2,3,4 ,5 ( but with repetition) that are divisible by 4? Can you help Alok find the answer? a) 100 b) 125 c) 75 d) 85

Q9) Rearrange the following letters to make a word and choose the category in which it Ms RAPETEKA a) b) c) d) Bird Vegetable City Fruit

Q10) On planet korba, a solar blast has...
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