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Performance Evaluation of Computer Networks
Cyprus International University
Dr. Mehmet TOYCAN –
Special thanks go to Dr. David K. Hunter for his priceless lecture notes…

CPE 523

Outline of the course
   Revision Mathematics Review of computer network concepts and terminology . Ethernet and IP over Ethernet. IP addressing, IP layer and related protocols

          

Transport services – TCP, T/TCP and UDP.
INTERNET ROUTING PROTOCOLS: Introduction to IP routing. Flooding, static shortest path routing, dynamic shortest path routing. Distance-vector and link-state routing; restoration and convergence time. Dijkstra’s Algorithm. Interior and exterior routing protocols. The major IP routing protocols – RIP, OSPF and BGP. NETWORK PERFORMANCE ANALYSES: Introductory concepts behind Poisson statistics and Markov chains. Holiday Simple traffic sources and their properties. Traffic problems using Markov model. Blocking, delay and packet loss Midterms Analytical modelling of local area network protocols. Queuing networks NETWORK SIMULATION: Pseudo-random number generation. Generating statistical distributions. Programming time-based and event-based simulations. Statistical analysis of simulation results. General Review

Evaluation of the course
 Final %40

 

Midterm %30
Assignments %20 Presentation %5

Attendance/Participation/Collaboration %5

   A. S. Tanenbaum: “Computer Networks”, Prentice-Hall, ISBN 0130384887. W. R. Stevens: “TCP/IP Illustrated: The Protocols, Volume 1”, Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0201633469. N. C. Hock: “Queueing Modelling Fundamentals”, Wiley, ISBN 0471968196.

A. Kershenbaum: “Telecommunication Network Design Algorithms”, ISBN 0071125183. G. N. Higgenbottom: “Performance Evaluation of Computer Networks”, Artech House, ISBN 0890068704.

Networks and definitions of the terms

Truncated OSI model – layers 5 and 6 missing

Protocol hierarchy analogy

Philosopher analogy protocols

Philosopher analogy protocol suite

Logical Communication

Physical Layer 1

Data Link Layer – layer 2

10Mb/s Ethernet – an example of layer 1 and 2

Ethernet Frame

Ethernet’s handling of errors

100 Mb/s Ethernet – “Fast Ethernet”

1 Gb/s and 10 Gb/s Ethernet

Networking processes

Network layer – layer 3

The Internet topology

Transport layer – layer 4

Application layer – layer 5

HTTP example

HTML message transfer

Using HTML

Layer encapsulation

Intra-layer encapsulation

Connection oriented network layer?

Connectionless network layer and TCP/IP

Layer 4 services in TCP/IP

IPv4 addressing

Router table organisation

Class-based IPv4 addressing

Special IP addresses


Example of subnet addressing

Class A addresses beginning “10”

Sub-netting of branch offices

Allocating prefixes

Example of router table size reduction

Domain Name System (DNS)

A portion of the Internet domain name space

IPv4 datagram header

IPv4 header fields

The IP protocol field

IPv4 fields for data fragmentation

Datagram fragmentation example

Division of datagram into three fragments

TCP’s alternative to fragmentation

Type of service (ToS) field

IPv4 options

IPv4 checksum

IPv4 support protocols

ARP implementation

ARP protocol packet – Ethernet in this case

First IP datagram hop

Summary of ARP, ICMP and BOOTP

Steps involved in first hop

Comparing source and destination addresses


Internet control message protocol (ICMP)

ICMP messages

TCP transport layer function

Outline of TCP operation

TCP use

Common applications based upon TCP

TCP segment header

TCP header field functions

More TCP header field functions

TCP checksum (required)

Three-way handshake

Reducing the number of datagrams required...
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